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  • Arsenal of Dhebisu

    The greatest warrior of her day snatched a falling star and used it to slay a rakshasa. This shining mote of the heavens is the raw ideal of weapon, and thus can take the form of almost any killing tool its wielder might need.

  • Chapter 8, Diaspora

    After regrouping in Flint, the loose ends of the partys spying efforts at Mutravir were wrapped up. Delft was brought up to speed on their findings (though not informed of the

  • The Lost Arc

    Asrabey was quick to suggest the death of the Ob researchers, but was eventually talked down to taking them as captives. Templeton pointed out that the secret society had a proven ability to re-recruit their fallen members as ghosts, thereby losing none

  • Trial of the Distant Past

    The inside of Ingatans temple seemed oddly normal and humble, considering it was the resting place of a major artifact. Prayer mats were still laid out in the main meditation chamber, likely laid there centuries ago by the temples original

  • Trial of the Near Future

    The next trial brought the party to what they eventually determined was the top floor of the Lance of Triegenesthe shining pinnacle of the Clergys old capital, Methia, which stood over a thousand feet tall. Its placement in the party

  • Trial of the Far Future

    Constables, spoke Rock Rackus with awkward solemnity, appearing to them in a darkened forest. Is that an asteroid I do spy?

    Through a gap in the canopy, the group witnessed a white conflagration barreling through the

  • Shale and Slate

    The party took a teleporting detour to Slate, where they gained access to one of Amielle Latimers original pistols, and used it to commune with her spirit (and in the process, glimpsed a slew of magical items kept in the

  • The Secret of Pala

    Following their unsuccessful attempt at blocking the progress of Borne, the party debated their next move. Things looked bleak, given that Nicodemus and his Ghost Council hardly seemed fazed by

  • Cold Matriarch

    Narrate: Once you get past the confused residents living in the house today, Kasvarina pauses. The Arc begins to shine with a silvery light atop her head, and she seems to fall into a trance, her eyes far away as forgotten memories come

  • Rescue Alliance

    Narrate: The climate shifts and the sky brightens until youre all standing in early summer; Athryllas court is shaded by trees, and magically cooled to resist the heat. Kasvarina looks up toward the throne, now accompanied

  • Forsaking Grief

    Narrate: Kasvarina seems disheartened by the utter lack of landmarks in her hometownnothing seems to remain from the days she once lived here. Even so, she follows the Arcs pull and leads you to the edge of town, into an

  • Family Moment

    Narrate: Kasvarina follows the riverbank as she tries to find the spot where her home once stood. The waters are now little more than a stinking channel of toxic runoff from the local mine, and the shores are barren of life aside from

  • Through the Breach

    Narrate: Near the edge of Alais Primos old wall, a memory-event manifests, revealing a shimmering golden dome over the city, formed from phenomenal levels of divine magic. The shield resembles a giant golden tortoise shell, designed to

  • Rejecting the Call

    Narrate: The Arc activates once again. The layout of the matriarchs garden remains the same, but many of the old, old trees that border it have shrunken back to youthful states, placing this memory hundreds of years before the

  • Ghostly Apparition

    Narrate: Kasvarina browses through a bookshelf in her Ushanti home when she pauses, sniffing at the air. The rest of you do likewise, and you easily detect the now-familiar sting of cigarette smoke in your nostrils. Footsteps approach,

  • Heretic's Pyre

    Narrate: Kasvarina orients herself around the stone and walks a few feet away. The stone of the monument shimmers, moving like wet paint being pushed across a canvas. The forest around you smears into a small city glowing orange from scattered fires. In

  • Betrayal of Rilego

    Narrate: In the streets of Seobriga, a bustling afternoon becomes eerily quiet. Kasvarina starts to run for a nearby building, followed closely by general Sor Daeron, the matriarch Latika, and a handful of burnt and limping eladrin

  • Chatwood

    Narrate: Kasvarina sits down for tea with a fellow eladrin woman. She looks to be Hugos equal in terms of relative youth, and she wears a dress thats recognizably modern and Risuri in originyou dont recognize

  • Navras

    Narrate: Kasvarina walks down the righthand aisle, and silently the past manifests around her in a bubble that reaches clear up to the rafters of the concert hall, more than a hundred feet overhead. At her side walks a stern-faced

  • Mindtaker

    Narrate: The Arc helpfully flickers to life as you come upon one of the entrances to the collapsed facility. Within its boundaries, you can step through the empty passageways before they became clogged with broken machinery and rubble.

  • Sons of Flint

    Narrate: The Arc glows silver atop the wardens head as he walks along the docks near Parity Lake. Swiftly, the tangled green vine at his shoulder becomes an arm againand then with every pace, he drops in height. Soon he

  • Amielle

    Narrate: The workshop of Amielle Latimer was the birthplace of the modern firearm, but today its a themed restaurant with nonfunctional weapons adorning the walls. The empty tables around you warp into workbenches lined with half-carved stocks,

  • Amielle's Plan

    With the knowledge that Nicodemus shares the spectral traits of the rest of his Ghost Council, we can make an informed plan to assassinate him. The battle will not be easy, and it is possible that he has layers of defenses that we are unaware of, but an

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