Perfect Construct

You are now designing your greatest invention: Yourself.

Prerequisites Technologist theme.

When you first started on this path, the culmination of your talent was a brittle preprogrammed toy. Now, after countless breakthroughs, you have finally succeeded in transferring your consciousness into a metal body, free of any fragility that foes might capitalize on, and lacking the limitations that have stymied your progress since the day you were born. You do not resent those who you’ve met along your journeys, nor would you expect them to understand why you would give up your original body… for you, it is enough to know that your dedication and innovation will be preserved for generations, and that you will tirelessly work to improve the world around you.

Some may see it as narcissism, but to you it is plain to see that your talents have brought concrete changes in the everyday life of Risur, and the built-in expiration date of your mortal body seems like a fruitless waste. By building yourself a body that will never age, you can impart your findings to future generations, working alongside them to bring about rapid changes. Anything you set your mind to – planar travel, eliminating world hunger, or building a shining steel utopia – you’re certain you can make it happen with a few decades of work.

Encyclopedic Repository: Should you ever grow weary of tinkering, it’s feasible you may let your body run into dormancy, and self-reflect for a few lifetimes. Or, you may travel to unseen lands, testing theories on unexplored planescapes. Maybe you’ll leave a copy of your personality behind, stored in a magic implement like an orb, prominently on display in one of the world’s greatest libraries and waiting to instruct bright young minds of some future century.


Fully Synthetic (21st level) Your creature type changes from humanoid to animate, and you gain the construct keyword. As a nonliving creature, you will never age, though your body may eventually cease function and grow dormant if you lose the means to maintain it. Your brain is the only part of you that you rely upon for survival: as long as it is intact, you will not die (mechanically, this doesn’t change much. For example, if you fail three death saves, your body shuts down, but your mind persists in a contained shell, and it can be reconnected to a repaired or brand-new construct body with the Raise Dead ritual).

One ability score of your choice increases by 2. You do not need to sleep, drink, eat, or breathe, though this does not render you immune to any form of attack. You must still take extended rests to regain hit points and powers, though you only require four hours of inactivity, and you retain total awareness during this time.

Backup Copy (21st level) Your simulacrum is upgraded into a construct of a size and appearance that mimics your own. It now shares your hit points; when it gets damaged, you lose the hit points instead (if an effect would damage both you and your simulacrum simultaneously, you only lose hit points once). You can see and hear as if you were standing in your simulacrum’s square, It moves when you take a move action (as normal), and when your simulacrum makes skill or ability checks, it uses your own modifiers.

Your simulacrum cannot use daily powers, nor can it use non-Companion-slot items. If it is separated from you by more than 20 squares, you lose connection with it. It becomes its old mindless self, and has hit points equal to half your bloodied value. In all other ways, the simulacrum is a copy of yourself.

Whenever you are reduced to zero hit points by an effect that doesn’t target both you and your simulacrum, the untargeted version of you may spend a healing surge. If your primary body is knocked unconscious or destroyed in this way, your simulacrum becomes your new primary body, and vice versa. A contingent spell instantly transfers the enchantment of your magical gear onto nonmagical proxies carried by it.

Improved Acceleration (24th level) You gain a +2 bonus to speed. Whenever you shift, shift one extra square.

Lock-On – Perfect Construct Utility 26 Minor Action.
A targeting reticle superimposes itself on your vision, eliminating almost all chance of you missing your target.
Arcane – Personal
Effect: You gain a +10 power bonus to your next attack roll, if made before the end of your next turn. If that roll is a natural 1, you do not automatically miss.

Arcane Stabilizer (30th level) Choose a power source. Once per round when you miss with an attack from that source, you may reroll the attack roll. You may not change this choice later.

Perfect Construct

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