Player Inventories

This space will be used to keep track of the party’s magic items for purposes of Prestige, as well as keeping a running total of gold allotted to the constables by their employers (minus any gold they’ve spent on rituals, consumables, or other services).

When the party receives clearance for a new Uncommon or Rare item, their total number of allowed items in that rarity level goes up permanently. From that point on, no favor is required to switch out an item for another of the same rarity level. If gifts should bring the party over their clearance maximum, it doesn’t get them in trouble – it just means that asking for new items is harder.

Party gold: 12,135 gp each. (latest paycheck: 3,760)

Temporary Items

  • None.

Secret Items

Uncommon Items Maximum Clearance: 9



  • Badge of the Berserker +1
  • Beran Patriot’s Carrikal +2


  • Healer’s Brooch +1
  • Boarding Boots


  • Feyleaf Sandals
  • Deep-Pocket Cloak +2


  • Belt of the Flanker’s Bane

Rare Items Maximum Clearance: 0

  • None.

Favor Modifier for Item Requisition: +1

Player Inventories

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