Royal Homeland Constabulary

With the recent influx of foreign technologies and therefore foreign influence, King Aodhan ordered the formation of a new government agency to protect the traditional identity of the Risuri homeland. Within a decade this mission had morphed into investigating significant threats to the nation, particularly those involving technology. Today the Royal Homeland Constabulary (sometimes called the Risuri Homeland Constabulary, especially by foreigners) uses a combination of investigators, spies, and warriors to root out, undermine, capture, and if necessary kill any groups who endanger Risur.

Though most activity occurs in Flint, officially the Constabulary’s central chamber is based out of Slate and headed by Lord Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill, who was a commander in the Fourth Yerasol War. His Lordship’s greatest success as director was presiding over the apprehension of a group of Drakr necromancers attempting to animate undead dragons in the Anthras Mountains.

The Flint branch is run by Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby, who recently won the role through political assignment after the former director lost favor in a scandal. The directorate in Flint keeps busy thwarting arms smuggling, industrial espionage, and the sorts of magical and monstrous threats once handled by plucky self-motivated “adventurers.” Regardless of where they are based, agents of the Royal Homeland Constabulary have broad jurisdiction throughout the nation, and enjoy mild immunity while overseas when acting in an official, acknowledged capacity.

RHC/Risur Favors
Favor 1: A soldier to back up the party.
2: Request the services of a spirit medium, employed by the Constabulary. Or, Four soldiers.
3: A Unit of soldiers.
4: Four Units of soldiers.
5: A Company of soldiers.
6: Request the services of Principal Minister Harkover Lee, usually for ritual purposes. Or, four Companies of soldiers.

Royal Homeland Constabulary

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