This space is for players (or more rarely, the GM) to record days of import – from birthdays to reminders of past victories, or anniversaries of loved ones lost.

Hugo Von Gearkinson

  • 482 A.O.V.: Hugo is born.
  • 500 A.O.V. Spring 1: Hugo and Qiyet (along with three past comrades) save the R.N.S. Coaltongue from sabotage by Duchess Ethelyn.

Qiyet Outrunner

Alain Templeton

Talon Silverhawk

Kida ve Alema

  • 363 A.O.V. Winter 17: Kida ve Alema is born to Alemael ve Cheär and Immeral Ko’valisse near the easternmost coast of Risur.
  • 457 A.O.V.: Kida leaves the monastery in early Spring, and meets the primal spirits of Lanjyr for the first time on Spring 41.
  • 465 A.O.V. Autumn 78: Rrillkiki dies in a flash flood.
  • 497 A.O.V. Summer 1: Kida completes initiation into the order of Vekesh.
  • 500 A.O.V. Summer 4: Kida joins the Royal Homeland Constabulary, and receives her assignment to Team 1.


Zeitgeist Magrok