Axis Island

Axis Island is what the Danorans call a magnetic pole of the world, though the common Risuri layperson just knows that magnets spin on their axis there. As such, modern maps of Lanjyr all depict Axis Island with longitudinal lines radiating outward.

Like most of the Yerasol archipelago, the island has been a point of contention between Risur and Danor for decades. Both sides have occasionally exploited its resources through logging and mining efforts, though the place has never been truly inhabited. The new Danoran fort built on the northern shore has probably raised the island’s population to the highest it’s been in recorded history. Speaking of history—there are signs that an ancient civilization lived there once, which the Danorans appear to be studying now.

Axis Island is home to bizarre magical phenomena, which the constables have now experienced firsthand. It exists on the edge of the wild magic zone surrounding Danor’s dead magic zone, but is reportedly free of the malice beasts said to roam similar areas on the mainland.


Axis Island

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