Bleak Gatekeeper

Setting-specific retheme of the Keeper of the Everflow Epic Destiny. Sacrifices versatility, gains small bonuses that do not rely on having other Keepers in the party.

You are beginning to understand the truths of existence. You have accepted the dark energy of the Bleak Gate into your body, and it has given you power over death… and also life.

The religions and the philosophies of the world have a thousand different takes on matters of the soul and existence itself. Clearly there is more to the universe than your mortal lives will encapsulate, for resurrection magic has definitively proven that there is more to mortalkind than just their physical shells. Any spirit medium will tell you that when you die, your soul passes into the Bleak Gate for a time, and beyond there, into the embrace of Nem. But what lies beyond? Do celestial realms of paradise await faithful worshipers, as the Clergy believes? Is there a Hell that exists to punish the wicked? Or is there only oblivion, as the Eschatologists profess?

No matter your initial beliefs, you are poised to discover the Truth, once and for all. You may be doing this out of scientific or spiritual curiosity, or it may simply be a means to an end for you—but in the process you know that you will unlock a great power that will elevate you above the greatest heroes of Lanjyr. Already you have allowed shadow-stuff to infuse your body, and you bleed a substance not unlike witchoil… you have become what you once despised most. Where your concerned allies may see this darkness as a sign of your descent into villainy, you know that it is merely the first step along the path to the Truth, and a necessary sacrifice for a greater good.


Your metamorphosis into a creature of shadow will not preserve your flesh; you are still a living creature, but your soul may linger here longer than most. True immortality will require careful manipulation of the forces acting on your soul.

Reincarnated Keeper: When the world is saved and the Obscurati dismantled, you may find yourself looking upon your altered new form and realize there is no place for you in a peaceful Lanjyr. You may retire to the Bleak Gate for a time, feeling at home in its seclusion and darkness while you keep an eye out for any who would dare to subvert the natural order, as the conspiracy once attempted.

But as the years pass, you may long for the warmth of the sun on your aged face. As you lay dying, you will allow yourself one last smile as you direct your soul back into the ebb and flow of the world’s mana, to be born anew with no knowledge of this life… at least, not unless another great disturbance requires your talents.


Dark Might (21st level): You increase one ability score of your choice by 2.

Forged in Shadow (21st level): Your origin changes to Shadow if it isn’t already; you choose how this manifests. It may be as subtle as a dark glimmer in your eyes, or as obvious as your skin taking on an usettling pallor.

In addition, you gain resist 15 necrotic, and any creature that hits or misses you with an attack targeting your Will defense takes necrotic damage equal to your highest mental ability modifier.

Life Overflow (24th level): Once per day when you start your turn at 0 hit points or fewer (or even if you’re actually dead), you regain hit points equal to your bloodied value, end all effects of your choice that are affecting you, and gain 10 temporary hit points.

Deathless Followers (24th level): Any companion creatures you’ve gained from a class feature, feat, or paragon path (animal companions, arcane familiars, squadmates, etc) which have dropped to 0 or fewer hit points are automatically restored to 1 hit point after a short rest, provided you are alive and conscious. If a creature acting as your companion has died, this feature will restore them to life.

Secrets from the Gyre (26th level): You gain the Secrets from the Gyre utility power.

Secrets from the Gyre – Bleak Gatekeeper Utility 26
Minor Action.
Dull light whirls in your vision like vast fields of stars arranged into the shape of grinding gears. Your mind delves deep into the accumulated knowledge of all those who have passed into Nem’s shadow.
Target: You or an ally within 5 squares.
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, the target gains a +5 bonus to all skill checks. For the purpose of skill uses that require training, the target counts as being trained in all skills for the duration.

Close the Gate (30th level): When you hit an enemy with a daily attack power or when you score a critical hit against an enemy, that enemy can attack with only basic attacks until the end of your next turn.

Open the Gate (30th level): When you kill a creature, you can choose to have that enemy reincarnated somewhere in the world as a natural creature with no memory of its past life. You have no control over where and how the creature reincarnates.

Bleak Gatekeeper

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