Blood on Your Hands

As law enforcement officials, constables are generally expected to take prisoners, rather than execute wanted individuals in dramatic or messy ways. Even so, accidents happen. And in the end, each agent acts with the power vested in them by the King, so criminal casualties are permissible as long as each incident is justified in a report.


  • Indirect – convinced the captain of Il Draçon de Mer to hurl knives at his own crew.
  • Sniped Gene Javerto, a corrupt godhand in the Vault of Heresies.
  • Took down Belcamp, a devil, with a well-timed magic missile.
  • Ended Ekossigan’s winter with yet another magic missile.
  • Dealt the killing blow to Terakalir, daughter of Benedict Pemberton.




  • Killed a wand smuggler by accident on Li Grifoni Grinyande (he was invisible).
  • Accidentally caused a dwarven crossbowman serving on Il Draçon de Mer to fall to his death (aren’t dwarves supposed to be stable?).
  • Brought forth righteous vengeance upon Elanor Yanette, an eladrin slaver.
  • Slit the throat of Olivert Boone while trapped in Nem.
  • Snapped the neck of a legionnaire serving Belcamp the devil in the Vault of Heresies.
  • Killed an innocent old eladrin who happened to be possessed by Nicodemus at the time.


  • While rescuing Isobel Travers, he slayed Jaime the Weevil—a disgusting vermin-druid who profited from pest control in Nalaam.

Blood on Your Hands

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