This dossier is official correspondence of His Majesty King Aodhan’s Royal Homeland Constabulary. By the powers of his office, the king has sealed this document, and any unauthorized individuals opening it shall come to the attention of the RHC. Unapproved opening of this document is an offense against the crown. Let those who transgress be struck down, as established in the Rites of Rulership.

Peace Summit of 501 AOV

In the Risur delegation.

And for the Danorans.

  • Sovereign Han Jierre.
  • Minister of Outsiders Lya Jierre.
  • Minster of War Eloise Duffet.
  • Minister of Magic Pierre Riquier.
  • Naval Representative Rosalyn Taylor.

And finally.

Spring 8. Mediator Brakken of Heffanita arrives from Ber. Drakran observer Steffan Eberhardt is already in town.
Spring 9. Danoran vessel Freux Rouge arrives, carrying Captain Rosalyn Taylor and Minister of Magic Pierre Riquier. For the Risur delegation, Geoff Massarde and Melissa Gahlot arrive from Slate.
Spring 13. At 6pm, Danoran vessel Lux Profectusque arrives, carrying Sovereign Han Jierre, Minister of Outsiders Lya Jierre, and Minister of War Eloise Duffet. That evening, a banquet involving all dignitaries, which begins the Peace Summit.
Spring 14. King Aodhan and Sovereign Han Jierre hold private talks.
Spring 20. The talks are scheduled to end with a formal declaration of betrothal between the King and Lya Jierre.
Spring 22. The Sovereign and most of the delegation will depart, while Lya Jierre will begin a nationwide political tour. Life in Flint can return to normal.

Persons of Note

Hereafter labeled as PN#.

  • PN1. Danoran Minister of Outsiders Lya Jierre. Niece of Sovereign Han Jierre. Witnessed at gathering of Obscurati in Vendricce. Involvement unknown.
  • PN2. Nathan Jierre. Cousin of Lya. Researcher at Axis Island, accomplice of Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. Involved in extraplanar observation.
  • PN3. Luc Jierre. Brother of Lya. Arcanoscientist, inventor of device identified as “Wayfarer Lantern.” Delivered lantern to Lya Jierre and PN5 in Vendricce.
  • PN4. Sovereign Han Jierre. Ruler of Danor. Involvement unknown.
  • PN5. “Nicodemus.” Unnamed individual smoking cigarettes (leaf of Nicodemus) at gathering in Vendricce. Appeared to have a leadership role.
  • PN6. Duchess Ethelyn of Shale. Sister of King Aodhan. Claimed skyseer vision warned of threat to Risur. Attempted assassination of king. Attacked Axis Island. See attachment PN6a.
  • PN7. Reed Macbannin (deceased). Mayor of Flint district of The Nettles. Operated facility on Cauldron Hill refining substance identified as “ Witchoil.” Committed suicide in prison cell.
  • PN8. Cillian Creed (deceased). Butler of Macbannin. Infused with Bleak Gate magic, granting shadowy physical form. Performed murder, organized smuggling operation, attempted cover-up, and likely other criminal activities on behalf of Macbannin.
  • PN9. Her Majesty Princess Fairy Dust, Hana “Gale” Soliogn. Eladrin refugee from Danor. Hostile to Danoran industrial activity in Flint. Unconfirmed role in murder and arson of industrialists. Sent PN10 on spy mission in Danoran consulate in Flint.
  • PN10. Nilasa Hume (deceased). Stole financial documents from consulate, linking Macbannin to various criminal enterprises. Murdered by PN8.
  • PN11. His Grace the Duke of Slaughter, Lorcan Kell. Crime lord in Flint district Parity Lake, with base of operations in location identified as “Theater of Scoundrels.” Renowned for violence and cruelty. Examination of stolen financial documents reveal many factories in Parity Lake changed ownership—we suspect by intimidation—and were registered in the names of known members of Kell’s guild. Strong certainty that Kell aided Macbannin in smuggling various industrial goods to destination unknown. After Macbannin’s arrest, Kell’s guild apparently accompanied agents of the Obscurati during the attack on the RHC headquarters.
  • PN12. [REDACTED]
  • PN13. Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby. Former head of the RHC in Flint. Apparently worked to help PN7 Macbannin maintain secrecy.
  • PN14. Kaja Stewart. Arcanoscientist in Macbannin’s laboratory who stole items identified as “Ancient Artifacts” after Macbannin was captured. Worked with PN11 Kell to fence these items.
  • PN15. Caius Bergeron. Alleged patron of archaeology. According to PN14 Kaja, Bergeron brought Ancient Artifacts to Macbannin for examination, to determine their powers and risk. Funded multiple expeditions to Ancient ruins. Killed via exneuralation by PN16 Sijhen. Arranged bodyguards for PN3 Luc on Avery Coast Railroad, apparently with intent to accompany to Vendricce.
  • PN16. Sijhen (deceased). Mysterious being, identified as a “Gidim.” See attachment PN16a for details of Gidim. Entity sought to return to its own plane. Slain during attack on RHC Flint office. No apparent affiliation with conspiracy.
  • PN17. Xambria Meredith. Archaeologist who excavated location identified as “Ancient High Bayou Ziggurat.” Recovered Ancient Artifacts, which were delivered to PN15 Bergeron. Possessed by PN16 Sijhen, and shared memories. Provided the name “Obscurati” to identify hostile conspiracy; we suspect the name was gleaned from consumed brain of PN15. Currently sharing mind-space with Constable Von Gearkinson.

Attachment PN6a: Ethelyn’s Prophecy

Duchess Ethelyn of Shale allegedly received this prophecy. It, along with numerous other factors, motivated her treason against the crown.

“A globe spins on its axis, and a steel ship sets off to war on a sail of shadows. The world passes into night, and blackness grips all of Risur as the stars fall from the sky. The king’s eyes turn a soulless white, and he moves as a puppet, his strings pulled by a man who has already died a thousand times.”

Though we are wary of putting excessive stock in prophecy—if for no other reason than the desire to avoid hubristically bringing its predictions to pass in the course of trying to prevent them—we can see some obvious parallels to current situations. The “axis” likely motivated Ethelyn to target Axis Island. Likewise the “steel ship” suggests the R.N.S. Coaltongue, a prominent Risuri steel warship. The “sail of shadows” could simply be the smoke from its engine, or might be related to the Obscurati’s penchant for hiding, particularly in the shadowy Bleak Gate. However, the ship has not set off to war, and indeed the current peace plans will hopefully avoid any imminent war.

We see no obvious correlations in the rest of the prophecy. If it is true, that suggests the events have not yet occurred. Stars falling from the sky could relate to any number of meteor showers, or perhaps the incursion from Gidim, a previously unknown world (see Attachment PN16a), but this is only speculation.

— Royal Skyseer, Cliff Swanland

Obscurati Intelligence

Herein an overview of knowledge about the organization identified as “Obscurati” by Person of Note 17 (Xambria Meredith).

Section the First: Obscurati Organization

The Ob (for short) appear to have a very strong focus on secrecy and compartmentalization. It is possible they have other cells of their organization that we are unaware of simply because the operatives we’ve interrogated were not privy to the full scope. Indeed, given the conspiracy’s assets and international span, it seems likely they are up to more than just operations in Flint.

It is imperative that we trace the chain of command to its top and then work our way down to lower tiers of other cells.

Section the Second: Operations in Flint

In Flint, we suspect PN7 Macbannin was convinced to work on a fake Risuri military project. Macbannin operated in our world and helped smuggle materials, we suspect into the Bleak Gate, which are likely being used to construct something that requires a great industrial base. Macbannin also refined witchoil, which likely would be used as fuel for whatever is being created. The Ob want it to remain secret, and have gone to elaborate lengths to keep it so.

The Ob appear to have a base, and likely factory or assembly facilities in the Bleak Gate, and possess means to travel between that world and ours with relative ease.

Section the Third: Wider Operations

The Ob are interested in reaching or manipulating other planes. It is possible PN15 Bergeron’s funding of Ancient expeditions is merely tangential to their main activities, but PN3 Luc’s invention, the Wayfarer Lantern, has the potential to influence planar magic. Additionally, Axis Island had unusual planar fluctuations, and PN2 Nathan was studying other stars.

Section the Fourth: Goals

Unfortunately, we lack enough information to present anything but baseless speculation.

Attachment PN16a: Gidim

Creatures identified as “Gidim Warbeasts” appeared several times, apparently summoned from the planet Apet, also known as The Distant Plane. Apet is source of teleportation, and the incomplete silver ring that surrounds it is Reida, the source of foresight magic. Travel to plane was believed impossible, and no creatures could be summoned from there.

At Ancient High Bayou Ziggurat, a golden plate sealed a portal to a small pocket dimension, which appeared to have originally been part of Apet before being sliced away. Several creatures escaped, including PN16 Sijhen. Based on explanation from PN14 Xambria, the entity was not native to Apet, but rather from the planet/plane/star called Gidim. Alternately, the creature’s race might just be called Gidim. We are operating with dubious nomenclature.

Sijhen, like the Gidim Warbeasts, existed primarily as manifested thought, with ability to become solid. Our best guess is that they feed on thought or emotion, either indirectly—like plants requiring intangible sunlight—or physically. After PN16’s arrival in Flint, numerous victims were reported having their brains removed through the palates of their mouths. Apparently Sijhen acquired the knowledge of the minds it ate. The warbeasts appear to have been lacking higher intelligence. Sijhen’s possession of PN17 might have been dependent on circumstances, or could be trait of entire species.

Entity attempted to open a portal to its homeworld, though no place called Gidim is known to our skyseers or astronomers, and such travel would normally be impossible. It acquired an ancient artifact known as “Ancient Star Map” which it appeared to use to direct its portal. The possibility of an extraterrestrial race possessed of these powers is greatly concerning, but is beyond the scope of this current investigation. Henceforth, by order of the king, all information about the Gidim is to remain secret, and any previous statements are to be disavowed as a deception perpetrated by unknown fey entities. Until further information is acquired, any additional incursions by the Gidim should be kept hidden from the general public to avoid a mass panic.

—Ranyard Muldrate
RHC Slate branch
S.C.P. Division
On behalf of Lord Viscount Inspector Nigel Price-Hill


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