Population: around 800,000
Leadership: Governor Roland Stanfield, plus mayors for each district

Nestled among dozens of granite peaks along the eastern stretch of Avery Coast, Flint is the largest city in Risur, though not the nation’s capital. With a rapidly growing population of over half a million, slums for factory workers have begun to clump along the steep hills, while builders work to clear large sections of rainforest from within the city limits. Small satellite towns cling to the islands outside Flint’s harbor, and many foreign nations and businesses have flocked to the city to gain influence in the past forty years.

City Districts

  • Bosum Strand – Located on the NE side of Flint Bay. Contains warehouses, gambling dens, brothels, bars, and taverns. A haven for dockers, espeically in places like the Thinking Man’s Tavern.
  • Central – Oldest and most developed district, located at the south end of the bay. Contains government structures (including the RHC office), party halls, druidic temples, and parks. Also home to the governor’s mansion and Pardwight University.
  • Cloudwood – Mostly farmland laid around the base of the mountains. The place is said to be strewn with mischievous fey activity, and it’s rumored that Hana “Gale” Soliogn hides here.
  • The Nettles – Slums built along the slopes of Cauldron Hill, once a seat of power of the coven of witches that plagued Risur. High population density housed in slums, making law enforcement efforts a nightmare. Formerly governed by Reed Macbannin.
  • North Shore – Beachfront property, generally only affordable by the wealthy. Not the most crime-ridden district, but incidents here always make the papers. Contains the Danoran consulate.
  • Parity Lake – A once-beautiful lake surrounded by fisherman’s homes, now little more than a collection of sludge with factories all around. High crime rate (mostly theft and murder), due to desperate and poor populace. Home to Lorcan Kell’s theives’ den: the Theater of Scoundrels.
  • Pine Island – Western strip along the bay, home to plantations and ranches as well as opium dens and other nefarious busniesses (Kind of a combination of Cloudwood and Bosum strand). High crime rate, though of a more organized nature than in Parity Lake – smuggling, drug trade, and the like. Undeveloped compared to much of Risur, and therefore more attractive to fey, who sometimes form symbiotic relationships with local criminals.
  • Stray River – The most “normal” district, with quaint middle-class brick homes and businesses. Most visitors from out of town choose to stay here. Also has a few old water-run mills. Morgan Cippiano has set up his coffee shop here.
  • The Ayres – A chain of islands not too far out into the Avery Sea, north of Flint proper. Most property has ended up as family estates for nobles. Technically a part of North Shore.

Flint Favors
0: Urchins to watch a street, a secretary to do paperwork, or a carriage-driver to give you passage within a district.
1: An officer (minion) to provide backup or investigate a lead. Craftsman for a custom (nonmagic) item. A local bureaucrat to bend the rules for you. A journalist to run a story. A ferryman to give you passage around the city.
2: Four officers. A gang of dockers to create a distraction that will likely end with them beaten up or arrested.
3: Twelve officers.
4: A whole district’s worth of officers.
5: All the city’s officers.
6: All able-bodied citizens to take up arms against a threat.

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