Kasvarina's Memories

What follows is a list of all of Kasvarina Varal’s memory-events the constables have uncovered, using the Lost Arc of Reida. Each entry has a brief summary, and the location where it was found.

(Note the events are listed in the order in which they were discovered by the party. For the party’s current reckoning of the matriarch’s effect on Lanjyr history, see the Campaign Timeline.)

Sentosa, guest house; Cold Matriarch.
Asrabey is sent away, to serve the Unseen Court.

Sentosa Athrylla’s court; Rescue Alliance.
Kasvarina enlists aid in an attempt to save her daughter, Launga.

Resal, open field; Forsaking Grief.
Vekesh sings his famous dirge. The few remaining women forsake grief, and cease aging.

Resal, Kasvarina’s home; Family Moment.
Kasvarina, having recently returned from the first war, talks with her daughters about why she must leave Elfaivar—in the company of Nicodemus.

Seobriga; Betrayal of Rilego.
A battle against a mighty dragon tyrant in Seobriga ends in Launga’s death.

Ushanti, palace; Ghostly Apparition.
Kasvarina is visited by Nicodemus before he leaves for Methia.

Ushanti, palace garden; Rejecting the Call.
Nicodemus asks for Kasvarina’s help with a new plan involving planar magic. She refuses.

Alais Primos, Jenevah Grand Librarium; Arrest.
Kasvarina and Nic are arrested after outlining a plan to depose Hierarch Silvestri.

Alais Primos, small church; Triage.
Nicodemus nurses Kasvarina back to health in a small church used as a wartime hospital.

Alais Primos, the Old Wall; Through the Breach.
Sor challenges the defenders of the city and kills Prime Cardinal Richelmont.

Alais Primos, Victory Field; Srasama’s Fall.
Kasvarina mourns the loss of a fellow eladrin woman, even as Srasama dies.

Flint, Navras Opera House; Navras.
Kasvarina visits a prominent eladrin bard.

Flint, Cauldron Hill interior; Mindtaker.
Kasvarina’s memories are sealed away by Alexander Grappa in the Bleak Flint facility.

Kasvarina's Memories

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