By player request, here’s what your GM came up with for the twisted images from the Vault’s Mirrors of Opposition (not all of them were seen during the session). Some of these were planned ahead of time, others were done off-the-cuff, but none were actually written down before; so please excuse any parts that don’t match what was said in-game.

For reference’s sake, the images were beings of animated gold, shattered to dust when destroyed. They had the same stats as the creature being copied, but only 1 hit point, and an alignment of Evil.

From the mirror emerges a lanky, sneering humanoid with a tophat pulled down over its eyes, and only its twisted grin is visible on its face. In one hand it twirls a pistol, and an enormous wind-up key protrudes from its back.

“Let’s see what makes you tick!”

This version of you has blank eyes and a sullen voice, though its expression is hard to read due to the horrible scar tissue across the face which seem to be from old burn wounds.

(in Elvish) “Revenge is very patient.”

What first appears to be a monster is actually a highly inaccurate reflection of Qiyet: hunched and impossibly muscular, with tusks so warped and oversized one seems to have grown upwards and melded into its cheekbone.

“Qiyet SMASH! … Oh, was I supposed to say that more respectably?” (said sarcastically, while leering at Qiyet)

Hairy and bedraggled, this image looks far more canine than human. But if the battleaxe wasn’t sufficient evidence that this is supposed to be Talon, its greeting is a dead giveaway.

“Hey! How’s it going?”

Carrying itself with an air of self-importance, this image wears a military uniform, decorated with all manner of fictional medals.

“Let us see who’s the best shot.”


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