Little is known about this secret society, save that they have designs on Flint, and appear to be building something in a facility located in the shadowy version of the city in the Bleak Gate. Many individuals working for this organization do so under false pretenses, and know neither the name of the organization nor the faces of their superiors.

Only one method has been found so far to identify its members: rings with three-word inscriptions on the inside. The first two words always seem to have the initials O.B.

After the events of Chapter 4’s epilogue, it was revealed that the Obscurati members are organized into Tiers, with higher tiers having access to more information about the group’s mysterious activities and goals. The smaller the number, the more important the tier. There are at least five tiers. There also is strong evidence suggesting the Obscurati have some kind of centralized meeting place in the Bleak Gate version of Vendricce.

Known Members

Caius Bergeron. Wealthy Danoran who funded archaeological digs of Ancient ziggurats. Gold ring: “Old Bergeron Gold.” Deceased, due to brief Gidim incursion.

Finona Duvall. Tiefling mage with teleportation expertise. Led a team at the Mavisha dig site, funded by Caius. Appears to have little knowledge of her patron’s involvement, or her own ring’s significance. Gold ring: “Original Brave Ideas.” Released from RHC custody.

Reed Macbannin. Ex-mayor of the Nettles district in Flint, and keeper of Cauldron Hill. Ran a witchoil processing facility under his own mansion. Claimed to be working on a military project for Risur. Bronze ring: “Overcome Black Arts.” Died under mysterious circumstances, but believed to still be at large somehow.

Alexander Grappa. Alias “The Mindmaker.” Obscurati turncoat, specializes in mental magic. Helped RHC find and deactivate the Flint facility in the Bleak Gate. Originally human, but killed by Steelshaper; survived using magic to transfer his consciousness into a golem. Held by a powerful geas that prevents him from revealing useful information. No ring. Currently inhabiting the body of Leone Quital (see below).

Ottavia Sacredote. Elven oracle of the Clergy. Acted as magical support and bodyguard for Luc Jierre on the Avery Coast train during Chapter 4. Silver ring: “Orthodoxy Bolsters Gods.” Currently in RHC custody.

Bree (Brianne Kaldeckis). Tier 5 member. Traveled as additional support for Luc and Ottavia. Gold ring, inscription unknown. Still at large.

Luc Jierre. Tier 4 member. Arcanoscientist and inventor of the Wayfarer’s Lantern. Brought into the fold in Chapter 4; had not yet received a ring. Still at large.

Lya Jierre. Danoran Minister of Outsiders. Seems to have some position of prominence or leadership in the Ob. Planned to marry King Aodan. Gold ring: “One Betters All.” Currently in RHC custody.

Dustin Huff. Tier 4 member. Danoran astronomer (human). Seen at Terminus East. Silver ring, inscription unknown. Still at large.

Lester Guillory. Tier 4 member. Risuri engineer (human). Seen at Terminus East. Bronze ring, inscription unknown. Still at large.

Emily and Anna Davis. Tier 4 members. Liaisons to the Cryisillyiri government (human, identical twins). Seen at Terminus East. Wore rings, but of a material unlike bronze, silver, or gold; not identifiable at a distance. Inscriptions unknown. Still at large.

Nicodemus. Mysterious individual, likely with status at least equal to Lya’s. No ring. Still at large.

Leone Quital. Alias “The Steelshaper.” Has telekinetic power over iron, steel, and possibly other metals. Encountered from afar during the Nilasa Hume investigation, where he attempted to imprison the party in a run-down church in the Nettles (when they first met Dr. Von Recklinghausen). Thought to have perished with Grappa during the collapse of the colossus construction facility in Bleak Flint. Unofficially represented the Ob during a visit to the Beran court. Bronze ring: “Ogleshield Benefits Wine.” Currently in RHC custody.

Tinker Oddcog. Alias “The Gearbuilder.” Obscurati deserter with a talent for machinery and invention. Bronze ring: “Oddcog’s Broken Mind.” Currently allied with the RHC, and staying in Flint.

Kasvarina Varal. Eladrin woman of unknown age. She wears clothing known to have originated centuries ago. Role unclear. MIA, last seen in the company of her husband Asrabey Varal.

Borne. A 300-ft tall adamantine colossus with the mental capacity of a child. Nearly immune to conventional weaponry, and demonstrates an ability to self-repair even under heavy fire. Originally educated by Kasvarina and Grappa about diverse topics, but his mind was somehow reset by Grappa during his escape from the Bleak Flint facility. Still at large.


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