Heid Eschatol

Developed in Drakr by Vlendam Heid, popular in Risur. Followers refer to themselves as ‘eschatologists,’ even though Vlendem’s work is more philosphy than study.

“It is important to plan for good endings, whether that’s for a business venture, a story, a love affair, or your life.”

Eschatologist Doomsday Cult

Developed in the more inhospitable regions of Drakr by Grandis Komanov. Members refer to themselves simply as eschatologists, believing “normal” eschatologists simply have incorrect perspectives on the matter of endings.

“One day, the world will end. All of us will be consumed in the frozen abyss; the rich and powerful will fall just as surely as the weak and poor. To strive for peace and stability is to fruitlessly prolong the inevitable.”


Named for the writings of William Miller, which were widely recognized as attacks on the Clergy. Popular among dockers in Flint and Panoplists in Ber.

“It is better to admit you are uncertain of your beliefs than to act in contradiction with your stated values.”


Nascent philosophy from Ber.

“Why cling only to your own people’s ideas? Listen to voices from foreign lands, and expand your way of thinking.”


Official position of the Jierre ruling party in Danor.

“Gods are the creation of men who are unable to comprehend the true structure of the world. Those who hold false beliefs—be they in gods, in disproven economic theories, or anything else—are a threat to progress.”


The guiding principle that helped the eladrin survive after the fall of Elfaivar. Named for Vekesh, the composer.

“After a tragedy, the best revenge is to heal and grow stronger than you were before.”


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