Player Inventories

Party gold: 568,595 gp each.

Free Items

Buying and Selling

Starting in Chapter 8, the party are no longer “officially” constables of Risur. This enables them to keep whatever loot they come across, to finance their ever-rising need for more powerful magical gear.

Delft has pledged that the RHC staff will still be on hand to craft whatever magic items the party requests, but they will not provide full refunds for outside items. Any magical gear found on their missions (or bought in other countries, etc) will only sell for 50% of their market value to the RHC.

Sentosa (the eladrin enclave ruled by Athrylla Valanar) has taken a similar policy: they will only pay 50% for items from beyond Elfaivar’s borders, and will fully refund items bought in Sentosa. In addition, they offer a 25% discount on all items, though they lack the means to enchant or produce firearms and other modern gadgetry.

Favor Modifier for Item Requisition: +2

Enchanting custom items takes time, especially those powerful enough to be useful for world-famous heroes like Team 1. When commissioning items during the course of a Chapter, add the above modifier to the Favor Rating to determine the wait time.

This mostly applies to items needed during an adventure, not to the party’s supply runs between chapters.

Player Inventories

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