Rescue Alliance

Narrate: The climate shifts and the sky brightens until you’re all standing in early summer; Athrylla’s court is shaded by trees, and magically cooled to resist the heat. Kasvarina looks up toward the throne, now accompanied by four eladrin men and (by the looks of her) a fellow matriarch. She speaks to Athrylla, her Elven words edged as one who is direly pressed for time.

Kasvarina: I understand your concern for resources, truly—but this is my daughter! I do not know why the dragon-tyrant Rilego has taken her, but I will not sit here and do nothing while waiting for news of her death! There are still so very few of us; will you not join our rescue mission?

Narrate: Athrylla remains silent in thought for a moment, her eyes passing over those assembled before her.

Athrylla: I will not abandon a sister in peril. That said, it is simply too risky for all three of the Triad to assemble in one place, and before so mighty a foe. I know that your need is great – but remember that the bulk of my power is tied here in Sentosa. Even so, I am aware that refusing to go could spell the difference between your victory and defeat… even without me, would you still go?

Kasvarina: (with bitter resolve) I would go, even alone.

Narrate: One of the men behind Kasvarina, a middle-aged eladrin with close-cropped hair and pale emerald eyes, speaks up. What first appeared to be a sleeve of strange white mail over his arm now moves oddly as he clenches his fist; his whole arm is made from some cluster of dull white crystal. The other matriarch speaks just after him.

Man: It will not come to that, Kasvarina. You have my sword, as always.

Matriarch: I will be by your side, as well.

Kasvarina: Sor. Latika. I cannot thank you enough—

Athrylla: I admire you all for your courage. But on the chance that this is some trap, I cannot allow the Triad of Endurance to be snuffed out. I will remain here, but I will send some of my finest men to fight alongside you. I wish you good fortune.

Narrate: Kasvarina hangs her head in disappointment, then follows it with her body as a respectful bow.

Rescue Alliance

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