Team 2

In the course of their campaign of investigations into Obscurati activity, the constables have met several intelligent and talented individuals. Whenever possible, they attempt to turn these people into assets, recruiting them into a special sub-group of the RHC’s Research and Development team that has since been dubbed “Team 2.”

Dr. Recklinghausen aided with RHC analysis of witchoil after the events of Chapter 2, but never accepted a position or paycheck, and left the country somewhere during Chapter 5. Xambria Meredith has expressed interest in lending her talents to this team, but she currently is inseparable from Constable Von Gearkinson, whose duties demand he spend his time elsewhere.

History of the Name

Originally, the constables were the RHC’s 2nd-ranked team, but after Team 1 failed in its duty on Axis Island and nearly all perished, the party has since taken that prestigious rank. Team 3, led by Carlao Langford, languished in nigh-obscurity and never officially was given the #2 position in the RHC ranking.

Team 2

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