Technologist inventions

Displayed here are breakthrough new inventions that have emerged during the course of the campaign – many of which may have been designed by the party’s Technologist, Hugo Von Gearkinson himself.

(for enchanted items, see the Items tab. This space is only for inventions that are not magic items, or equivalent to them)

Tinker’s Blueprints

Between each chapter, Hugo can work with Tinker to invent a new technology by sifting through his disorganized blueprints and scattered ideas. To successfully translate these designs into workable creations, the party must attempt one Wisdom check, and one Intelligence check. Aid another is not possible on these checks, nor are other temporary bonuses, since the checks represent days or weeks of work. The two checks can be attempted by separate PCs, but Hugo has the ability to roll twice and take the better result every time he attempts them.

If either (or both) of the checks fail, the technology is still created, but with deep flaws in its design. A failed Intelligence check usually means that the tech itself is faulty, making it dangerous to use, while a failed Wisdom check produces reliably functioning devices, but with some kind of design oversight that makes it impractical.

Between each chapter, Hugo will choose one technology to work on. When he does so, he may also attempt to correct the flaws of any one invention created in earlier chapters.

Battle Armor

Similar to Tinker’s own battle armor and the experimental steam suit on display at the Kaybeau Fair in Chapter 3, these suits make foot soldiers resilient and dangerous.

Electrical Breakthroughs (with failed Wisdom check)

In addition to allowing electrical lights and the production of wired power, this innovation has brought about lightning prods, lightning guns, and Tinker Coils.

Tinker Coil

1,000 gp.

If linked to a steady power source, this 10-ft. tall pylon hums with electrical energy. A conductive surface on the ground within 10 ft. causes creatures that enter the area to complete a circuit. Any creature that enters the area or starts its turn there takes 20 lightning damage (but no more than once per round).

Simple Weapons

Lightning Prod

100 gp
One-handed melee
Damage 2d8 lightning
Proficient +2
Weight 5 lb.

Group Spear, Firearm
Properties Backpack, Charged, Load Standard

Charged: This weapon deals lightning damage, not untyped damage, and it cannot use ammunition. If the target of an attack made with a charged weapon is wearing metal armor or carrying a large quantity of metal, the attacker gains a +2 bonus to his attack roll (this only applies to powers with the Weapon keyword, or to powers with both the Implement and Lightning keywords). After each such attack, the weapon is depleted and requires an action to “reload”—cranking a mechanism in order to generate sufficient charge.

Backpack: This weapon can only function if the wielder puts on a 20-lb backpack (in the case of Charged weapons, this item produces harmless-yet-awesome arcs of electricity while in use). A character cannot normally equip both this weapon’s backpack and a normal backpack, so other items on their person must be stored on a belt/ankle holster/heward’s handy fannypack/other creative solution.

Special: Also, this weapon counts as a firearm for the purposes of effects that relate to reload time. It can also be upgraded with an ammo clip, holding five charges.

Military Weapons

Long-Hafted Lightning Prod

105 gp
Two-handed melee
Damage 2d8 lightning
Proficient +2
Weight 8 lb.

Group Spear, Polearm, Firearm
Properties Backpack, Charged, Load Standard, Reach

Superior Weapons

Lightning Gun

100 gp
Two-handed ranged
Damage 2d8 lightning
Proficient +2
Range 5/10
Weight 8 lb.

Group Firearm
Properties Backpack, Charged, Load Standard


Permanent Simulacrum

Small natural animate (construct)
Speed 6
Initiative (yours)
Perception (yours)
Defenses (yours)
HP (25% of yours, round down)

  • Simultaneous Movement
    When you take a movement action on your turn, the simulacrum takes one as well.
  • Simultaneous Defense
    When you take the Full Defense action, your simulacrum also gains the defense bonus. If you are adjacent to each other, the bonus increases to +3. Using Second Wind will also gain this effect, plus you can heal both yourself and your simulacrum with just one surge.
  • Stored Attack
    Once per encounter, SNARE can use Magic Missile as a minor action.
  • Foldable
    The permanent simulacrum is perfectly capable of walking alongside its owner for extended durations, but if you wish, you can fold it up and carry it in a backpack or similar container. While on your person, it cannot be damaged normally – treat it as an attended object. Stowing or deploying the simulacrum is a minor action (and yes, you can use Quick Draw). If you fall unconscious, the simulacrum will automatically deploy itself at the start of your next turn as a free action (unless you disable this feature). The simulacrum weighs 35 pounds.
  • Auto-Retreat
    When reduced to zero hp, SNARE shifts a number of squares equal to its speed toward Hugo. If it ends in an adjacent square, it automatically folds up and puts itself away in his pack. Otherwise it falls prone and is disabled (unconscious).
  • Easy to Repair
    - If the simulacrum becomes damaged (less than full HP), you can repair it during a short rest.
    - If it is disabled (0 HP or fewer), it takes an hour to repair, or requires a Healing power.
    - If it is lost, or destroyed entirely, you’ll need a workshop and an extended rest to rebuild it.
    Repairing your creation never costs you gold or healing surges, though you must still spend surges on its behalf when it is targeted by Healing powers that require surges.
Standard Actions
  • Simulacrum Mimicry – At-Will
    Effect: The simulacrum uses any of your at-will or encounter powers, using your normal statistics, as if you were in its square. If the power is sustainable, you can spend actions to sustain it.

Strength 4
Constitution 10 (never gets tired)
Dexterity yours, or equal to your Intelligence
Intelligence 1 (understands orders, generally doesn’t think for itself)
Wisdom 1
Charisma 1

Alignment Unaligned
Languages Understands Dwarven, but cannot speak, and usually does not base its actions on what it hears, except for orders that you give it.

Technologist inventions

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