This space contains the themes and their benefits, with my own houserules added in text that appears here trumps what appears in the pdf’s and rulebooks. New additions as of the ZGPG update are in green.


You can use the rituals enchant magic item, transfer enchantment, and disenchant magic item, even if you normally have no ritual casting ability, but you can only use them to create or affect firearms, bullets, bayonets, or melee weapons that contain firearms within them. Given proper equipment and time, you can also make mundane versions of these items from raw materials.

You gain the ability to create alchemical items, such as alchemist’s fire.

Your connections allow you to import advanced Drakran weapons (like grenades and rifles) without increasing the Favor level request.

You also gain the following power.

The Man With Two Guns is God – Gunsmith Attack
You have discovered the coolest-looking fighting style in the world.
Encounter – Martial, Weapon
Standard Action – Ranged weapon
Special: This power does not provoke opportunity attacks.
Effect: You may drop, sheathe, or store what you’re holding, then draw either one firearm or two one-handed firearms.
Target: One creature. If you are wielding two firearms, you can target one additional creature within 5 squares of the first creature (you cannot shoot a single target twice with this power).
Attack: Highest ability vs. AC.
Hit: 1[W] damage, and the target cannot take opportunity actions until the end of your next turn. If making two attacks, one target takes damage from the primary hand weapon, the other from the off-hand weapon.
Level 11: 2[W] damage.
Level 21: 3[W] damage.

Level 5. Customizer. You can declare any one weapon you own as your primary weapon. Each firearm you wield can benefit from your primary weapon’s enhancement bonus and its critical effect, but not any properties or item powers. You can declare a different primary weapon during an extended rest. You do not need to be wielding your primary weapon to gain the benefits, but it must at least be on your person.

Additionally, you have created a custom-built firearm modification, which you can attach to five firearms of your choice. You cannot mass-produce it, though you can move the modification to another weapon of the same type with an hour’s worth of work.

Note: There is no rule against letting an ally use a modified firearm, instead of using it yourself. You would probably still need to tweak and maintain it every so often, though.

Level 10. Bling. You develop a second modification, as above (you may use this ability to have more copies of your first modification), which can be applied to five firearms. No firearm that you tinker with may have more than two of your modifications on it at any given time.

Martial Scientist

You’ll be able to study different fighting styles and read up on various scientific accounts concerning anatomy, strategy, and weaponry in order to add new fighting techniques to your repetoire, often taking the form of new attack powers.

You gain training in History; if you already are trained in History, you may gain training in another skill.

You are proficient in all military weapons.

You also gain the following power. During your travels, you may learn other Martial Scientist techniques, beyond the simple Experimental Strike.

Experimental Strike – Martial Scientist Attack
Scientific breakthroughs are born of both careful study and wild experimentation. Your old reliable attack technique has failed, so it’s time to try option B.
Encounter – Martial, Weapon
Free Action OR Immediate Reaction – Personal
Trigger: You miss all targets with an at-will attack power on your turn, OR a creature misses you with an attack, in which case this power becomes an immediate reaction.
Effect: You may drop or sheathe whatever you’re currently holding and/or draw a melee weapon. You can shift 2 squares and attempt something the rules don’t cover (as detailed in the D&D 4E Dungeon Master’s Guide®), such as slicing a rope to pin an enemy with a chandelier, or smashing a pipe to spray blinding steam on an enemy. After the attack, you may sheathe your weapon and then draw a weapon or implement.
Note: All of these effects are optional. For example, you could simply switch weapons and shift 2 squares after missing with your attack, skipping the “stunt” entirely.

Level 5. Martial Mythbuster. Instead of preparing the maneuver of your choice at the start of each day, you may use any one of your Martial Scientist powers per encounter. This increases to 2/encounter at 15th level. You also gain a bonus feat.

Level 10. Doctor of Modern Warfare. You gain proficiency in all weapons, armor, shields, and implements (including ki focuses and unarmed strikes, and even improvised weapons). If you have any such proficiency feats, you may immediately retrain them (this does not count toward your limit of one retrain per level).


You have technological know-how that other players don’t, which can sometimes manifest itself as an automatic success on an Intelligence check to operate complicated tech, among other things.

Level 5. Mechanical Pet.
You lose access to your disposable simulacrum encounter power, and gain a Permanent Simulacrum companion.

Your simulacrum can have a magic item that occupies the Companion slot. For purposes of feats, paragon paths, etc, your simulacrum qualifies you for options normally only available to rangers with beast companions.

If you have the Fantastic Contraption feat, you immediately retrain it (this does not count toward your limit of one retrain per level), since the Permanent Simulacrum already has the benefits of that feat and more.

You can take the following feat to improve your simulacrum.

Sturdy Contraption.
Prerequisite: Technologist theme.
Your simulacrum has hit points equal to your bloodied value.

Level 10. Second Self.
Your simulacrum can now use encounter powers, as well as at-will powers. In addition, you no longer need to program them in advance – the simulacrum has access to all of your compatible powers at all times.

Vekeshi Mystic

You have contacts from the Dreaming, allies of the downtrodden eladrin race. Most of the time their wishes do not interfere with your work in the RHC, and both organizations tend to benefit from your dabbling in two worlds. Still, it is a careful path you must tread.

You are not often contacted directly by the Unseen Court, but your work has not gone unnoticed by them. Your party starts with a Prestige Rating of 2 with the Court, and they count as an allied organization rather than neutral.

You have the following power:

Hands of Retribution – Vekeshi Mystic Attack
The faint burning outline of a six-armed goddess hovers behind you. As enemies strike your allies, the goddess lashes out in retaliation with blades of fire.
Encounter – Divine, Fire, Radiant
Free Action
Close Burst 10
Target One enemy you can see in burst (You do not need to see the target if you can sense them with vengeful gaze of the goddess).
Trigger The target hits a bloodied ally (or an ally who is bloodied as a result of the hit).
Effect You deal fire and radiant damage to the target equal to your highest ability score modifier. Tieflings do not benefit from their racial fire resistance against this power.
Special You gain one extra use of this power for every five full levels you gain beyond 1st (to a maximum of 6/encounter at 26th level). You may not use this power more than once per round.

Level 5. Vengeful Gaze of the Goddess. You gain the following power.

Vengeful Gaze of the Goddess – Vekeshi Mystic Utility
You see as if your eyes were those of Srasama herself; no enemy can evade you for long.
Daily – Divine
Minor Action
Target One creature you can see.
Effect You unerringly know the direction (though not the distance) to the target until you take an extended rest.

Level 10. Patient Revenge. There are more important things than immediate victory over your enemies. Whenever you face an enemy whose identity you know, and who has antagonized you before (whether in battle or not), you gain temporary hit points equal to half your bloodied value at the start of the encounter.

Additionally, if on your turn you can see an enemy but don’t take any hostile actions, you have Resist 10 All until the next time you attack, allowing you to advance with implacable intimidation against a foe. This becomes Resist 15 All at 21st level.

Yerasol Veteran

You enjoy a very mild celebrity status for your efforts during the Fourth Yerasol war, and even though you’ve never been much of a politician, people of importance are usually friendly to you right off the bat, if only to look better to their constituents. Your status as far as the government of Risur is concerned also grants your party a starting Prestige of 2 with Risur.

You have the following power:

Display of Heroism – Yerasol Veteran Utility
Seeing an ally in peril, you rush into harm’s way and cover their escape.
Encounter – Martial
Standard Action – Personal
Effect: Shift 3 squares. One bloodied or unconscious ally adjacent to you can spend a healing surge and may stand as a free action. You may then switch spaces with that ally. You and that ally gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Note: All of these effects are optional. If, for example, none of your allies are bloodied or unconscious, you could still use this power to shift three squares and gain a +2 to your defenses. You may not, however, grant the defense bonus or the ability to stand as a free action to an ally who is neither bloodied nor unconscious – and if your ally is unconscious due to any reason other than being reduced to negative HP, this power will not wake them.

Level 5. Courage Under Fire. You gain the following power.

Courage Under Fire – Yerasol Veteran Utility
As your ally falls, you push everything else away and focus on what needs to be done.
Daily – Martial
Free Action
Trigger An ally you can see is reduced to 0 hit points or lower (and not due to friendly fire).
Effect You gain an action point. You may use up to two action points this encounter, but no more than one per turn.

Level 10. Call of Duty. Whenever you roll a 1 to 7 on an Initiative check, treat it as if you rolled an 8.


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