The Lanjyr calendar is 365 days long, evenly divided into four seasons of 91 days (13 weeks) each, plus New Year’s Day. Months are a recognized period of time (30 days), but they are not specifically delineated on the calendar, and are not individually named.

Each year begins on New Year’s Day (the following day being Spring 1), and ends on Winter 91. There are no “leap years.”

Years are counted in a system leading forward and backward from the world’s most prominent event: the Great Malice, which took place at the end of the second Holy War between the humans of Crisillyir and the eladrin of Elfaivar. As the humans were the victors, the system uses the abbreviations B.O.V. and A.O.V., which stand for “before/after our victory.”

An Expanded History

During the events of Chapter 8: Diaspora, the party came into custody of Kasvarina Varal, co-founder of the Obscurati, as well as a powerful eladrin artifact known as the Arc of Reida. Using its ability to manifest the history of its wearer, our heroes have slowly come to realize that Lanjyrian history and Kasvarina’s life story are nearly the same narrative—the matriarch, aided by the insidious reach of the conspiracy she helped to build, has had a hand in a startling number of events over the last five centuries, including the Great Malice itself!

Drawing on common knowledge of history, their present knowledge of the conspiracy’s goals, and Kasvarina’s memory-events, what follows is a fairly thorough view of the world’s events and the factors which have all led to the current predicament: the world lies on the precipice of a new age, a new Zeitgeist… one determined by Nicodemus and his followers.

Year Memory-Event Description
??? BOV Long, long ago—longer than dragons can reckon, and further back in the ages than divinations can witness—the Ancients create a ritual that can change the nature of the world by connecting it to new elemental planes.
1200 BOV King Kelland defeats the fey titans and founds Risur.
500 BOV Triegenes destroys the Demonocracy in the northern continent and ascends to godhood, disappearing from this plane. His followers form the Clergy religion, incorporating him into a pantheon of other deities previously worshiped in the region.
~400 BOV The Jenevah Grand Librarium’s construction is completed in Alais Primos. More than likely, its features include a central vault with nigh-infallible security: it may safeguard Triegenes’ personal journal to this day.
50 BOV The first Perang Devar, or Holy War, ends with the eladrin losing much of their territory. In the modern era, Crisillyiri historians now refer to this as the First Victory.
1 BOV Through the Breach Elfaivar begins the second Holy War in an attempt to reclaim lost lands. Kasvarina Varal enters Alais Primos during its siege; pushing through a brief lapse in the city’s golden barrier, she is beaten nearly to death by Clergy men-at-arms, but is saved by Nicodemus.
1 BOV Triage Nic nurses Kasvarina back to health, while secretly murdering other eladrin survivors with less promise than her. The two of them escape the city together, heading to Elfaivar.
1 BOV Family Moment In Resal, Kasvarina tells her daughters Launga and Dala she must leave and propose a risky plan of peace to the ranamandala (Elfaivar’s now-defunct ruling circle of kings and queens). Nicodemus is thanked by the two sisters for bringing their mother home safely.
1 BOV Arrest In a clandestine meeting at the Jenevah Grand Librarium, Kasvarina and Nicodemus outline a plan to depose Crisillyir’s leader (Grand Hierarch Silvestri) as a first step toward ending the second Holy War. They are betrayed by Nic’s trusted contacts, arrested as heretics, and sent to the Crypta Hereticarum to rot.
1 BOV (not witnessed) Nic and Kasvarina somehow escape from their imprisonment after learning Ashima’s Secret.
1 AOV, NYD The Great Malice, Srasama’s Fall Kasvarina mourns the loss of a fellow eladrin woman, even as Srasama dies.

The death of the goddess creates a global magical catastrophe henceforth known as the Great Malice. Central Crisillyir collapses into chaos as the entire landmass around its capital, Methia, becomes a dead magic zone. Former leaders of the Clergy in this zone are cursed to live with infernal new forms, in a land bereft of magic and miracles. Many commit suicide, but those who remain form a new country, Danor, under the rulership of a tiefling named Jierre.

Half of Elfaivar’s population dies instantly from the magical backlash of their goddess’ demise: specifically, almost every eladrin woman in existence. The army retreats, but many more soldiers are doomed to die in the civil wars that break out between new eladrin city-states led by coveted matriarchs. In the years to come, other countries will begin to colonize the devastated lands of Elfaivar.
1 AOV Forsaking Grief Inspired by the sight of several surviving eladrin women, Vekesh sings his famous dirge in Resal when the broken eladrin army starts to give in to despair. Kasvarina, Latika, and Athrylla Valanar forsake grief, and through the power of the bardsong they become the ageless Triad of Endurance: powerful matriarchs who will lead the effort to rebuild Elfaivar.
1 AOV The unprecedented death toll in Elfaivar and Crisillyir awakens the Voice of Rot, who rises up from the High Bayou and challenges Risur. King Dukain, an aged wizard who wields magic through his sword, travels to the Black Needles mountains that border the fey titan’s domain. The battle rages for three days. Unable to defeat a foe that his predecessor Kelland had overcome, Dukain casts aside his sword and quits the battlefield to seek a more worthy bearer for the crown. The Voice of Rot, acknowledging the man as his equal, returns to his slumber.

The seat of the Clergy moves east to the site of their costly Second Victory: Alais Primos. Many who were standing nearby when Srasama died become reborn into the world as devas; the first generation appear in and around the new capital.

Elsewhere, dwarven leaders unite to form their own nation in Drakr, wresting control away from the hands of mighty undead creatures.
~15 AOV The Clergy captures, tortures, and kills Vekesh. Shortly thereafter, the secret order of Vekeshi Mystics is likely born.
~17 AOV Heretic’s Pyre The Clergy sacks Pala, and burns William Miller atop a pyre of his own books. He promises Kasvarina he will return, but will take the name Nicodemus once more.
18 AOV Ghostly Apparition Kasvarina is visited by Nicodemus in her new enclave, Ushanti, before he leaves for Methia.
~100 AOV Rejecting the Call Nicodemus returns to Ushanti, asking for Kasvarina’s help with a new plan, the first inklings of the Grand Design. She refuses.
111 AOV Rescue Alliance and Betrayal of Rilego Kasvarina enlists aid from Sentosa in an attempt to save her daughter, Launga. Later, in Seobriga, Sor Daeron and Latika reveal that they know that Kasvarina caused the Malice. Along with the help of the dragon tyrant Rilego, they try to kill her, but only succeed in taking Launga’s life. Kasvarina slays Latika, but Sor escapes.
195 AOV Skyfall On an otherwise inauspicious day, dragons lose the ability to fly, and flight magic weakens. It is very likely that this permanent anomaly is the result of some alteration to the connection between the world and its plane of air, Avilona.
~195 AOV Navras Navras the bard severs his ties with Elfaivar and ousts Kasvarina from his property. He continues to oversee the construction of his opera house for a few more years; when finished, its acoustic design allows it to harness bardsong to enchant items.
260 AOV The current Hierarch of the Clergy is assassinated by an eladrin, and the Humble Hook is lost. Critics of the faith claim that its loss is part of a plan to steer the Clergy away from its original humble core, so that high priests could better profit from their stations. In reality, it is more likely a move by the Obscurati (via Kasvarina’s Vekeshi contacts) to put their hands on a powerful artifact.
~280 AOV Cold Matriarch Following a meeting with Athrylla about peace efforts between Elfaivar and Crisillyir, Kasvarina sends her husband Asrabey to serve the Unseen Court. She hopes this will win herself and her people new allies.
300 AOV King Boyle of Risur supposedly slays the last dragon tyrant of Ber. Unbeknownst to most of the world, two surviving dragons make a pact with him: they will take on human form for one hundred years, and forswear any hostile action against Risur. In exchange, they are offered refuge on Risuri soil, and their hoards are returned to them intact. Their names are Inatch the Hex-Eater (now Harkover Lee, Principal Minister of Risur) and Gradiax the Lord of Steel (now Benedict Pemberton, industry tycoon).

The nation of Danor, resurgent with industry and technology, begins to contest Risur for control of the lush Yerasol Archipelago in what later will be known as the First Yerasol War.
~400 AOV Amielle Amielle Latimer is recruited by the Obscurati.

Soon after, she appears in Flint and offers her assistance to King Lorcan in a time of great need. Together with a Clergy godhand and a few of the King’s mightiest servants, they slay the witch known as the Red Contessa and prevent her from taking control of Flint. However, her use of dark magic forever corrupts Hunchback Hill, creating a beacon of shadow energy on the mountain that will someday become perfect to hide a witchoil processing facility and a colossus construction bay for the Obscurati. The peak thereafter is referred to as “Cauldron Hill” by civilians.

Amielle remains in Risur, where her firearms become a point of interest for local enthusiasts and the military.
460 AOV King Aodhan is crowned in Risur following the events of the Third Yerasol War. He encourages his people to pursue industry so they can fight back against Danor.

Meanwhile, Bruse Le Roye unites tribes of monstrous races into the new nation of Ber.
490 AOV Chatwood Kasvarina attempts to enlist the help of a young skyseer to watch over Ethelyn Lesterman and deflect interest from Axis Island, but Chatwood refuses. Unwilling to kill a fellow eladrin, Kasvarina blinds the girl and has her confined to an asylum.
493 AOV Sons of Flint The Fourth Yerasol War ends, and Flint cedes many islands to Danor, including Axis Island. Talon Silverhawk returns home, bearing the dogtags of both his childhood friends, fallen in an orchestrated conflict.
498 AOV Looking Good in Red While working as a police officer, Hugo has a brush with death. He survives by resorting to brutal and Oscar-like tactics, but ends his night by saving one life and sparing two others.
500 AOV Mindtaker Alexander Grappa seals Kasvarina’s memories in the Bleak Flint facility, and attempts to escape with her.

Campaign Events

500 A.O.V.

  • Spring 13.
    The party is given a mission to travel to Axis Island and help to end its occupation by the Duchess’ troops. They arrive the next day, just after sundown. The day after that, the Duchess is delivered into custody, the party returns to Risur.
  • Summer 2.
    The party meets with Nevard Sechim, a friend of Nilasa’s, after being directed by his nephew, Heward Sechim. They become the skyseer’s temporary bodyguards as he spends a night on Cauldron Hill.
  • Summer 3.
    Following one of Nevard’s visions, the constables race back to Heward’s factory to avoid an arson in progress by Eberardo y Valando. Battle ensues; the brothers are driven off and the fire is doused. After the sun rises, the party heads to the Nettles and finds Wolfgang, only to be ambushed by a team of assassins, led by the mysterious shadow man seen on Cauldron Hill.

Talon Silverhawk and Alain Templeton join the party, which goes on to visit Julian Lebrix’s home.

Enna leaves the RHC. Darsys is placed on disability leave after contracting a strange illness.

  • Summer 4.
    A morning meeting with Gale reveals a strange factory present in the Bleak Gate, likely connected to the strange arsons in Flint that had various businesses changing hands quickly. The party investigates Danisca Waryeye’s apothecary and is forced to fight her and her husband, Blander. Taking them both prisoner, Blander spills the beans about a smuggling operation to take place that night, in the hopes that the two of them will receive a lighter sentence for selling invisibility elixirs illegally.

Kida ve Alema joins the constables, and together they stop the smugglers.

  • Summer 5.
    The constables use Gale’s ritual to find a hidden laboratory used to make witchoil-powered creatures. They fear the beasts will be used at Nevard’s rally, and so speed to Dawn Square. They are unable to prevent his death (for he was past his time anyway), but they assemble a list of clues that lead them to their next suspect…
  • Summer 6.
    The party concludes that Reed Macbannin, mayor of the Nettles, is behind the conspiracy in Flint. After an arduous battle, his witchoil foundry is shut down, his shadowy butler is killed, and the man himself is taken into custody. He later “commits suicide,” making it plain there are more players in this game yet to be found…
  • Summer 51. Xambria returns to Flint.
  • Autumn 1. Chapter 3, Digging for Lies.
    The party is assigned security detail at the Kaybeau Arms and Technology Exposition, and takes a gander at all the cool new magic and gadgets the vendors have to offer. A barrel of witchoil is found, then all hell breaks loose as strange creatures raid the fair.
  • Autumn 6.
    Following leads on the civilization of the Ancients, the party travels to a ziggurat in Risur’s High Bayou.
  • Autumn 31.
    The Ancients Gala opens. Xambria attacks, and is captured, taken into RHC custody. A contingent ritual activates, sending the entire area phasing in and out of existence – she escapes, and the creature inside her is killed. Her mind is fused with Hugo’s consciousness.
  • Autumn 85. Chapter 4, Always on Time.
    Undercover, the party leaves for Beaumont, intent on boarding the Avery Train to look for Ob members heading to a meeting in Vendricce.
  • Winter 11.
    The party boards the train, after killing a few days in Beaumont.

501 A.O.V.

  • Spring 8. Chapter 5, Cauldron-Born.
    The king meets with the party in person. A terrorist attack shakes Pardwight University.
  • Summer 1. Chapter 6, Revelations from the Mouth of a Madman.
    The party teleports to Ber and seeks the favor of Bruse Shantus. They spend more than two weeks helping to build a railroad.
  • Summer 37.
    The party meets Grappa, now in Quital’s body. Kida gets approved for a mission to Odiem.
  • Summer 38.
    The constables set sail, while Flint holds its first public execution in nearly a century. Lya Jierre’s death is carried out via firing squad. Aodhan is not present, but her death is witnessed by Principal Minister Harkover Lee, Chief RHC Inspector Stover Delft, Lord Inspector Nigel Price-Hill, local Danoran representative Julian LeBrix, and Team 3. Archmissionary Cornelius Eboracum performs an exorcism after her death, banishing her spirit to whatever realm lies beyond Nem.
  • Summer 44.
    The constables make landfall on Odiem and rescue the angel, Linia.
  • Summer 45. Chapter 7, Schism
    The party teleports to Drakr to find an ancient lich with the power to swap out peoples’ souls.
  • Autumn 79-80.
    The Obscurati convene a special convocation on Mutravir Island, just off the coast of Crisillyir. Their Grand Design is unveiled, and a vote is held to determine what the new nature of reality should be. The most power-hungry of the officers are culled at the order of Nicodemus.
  • Autumn 87. Chapter 8, Diaspora
    Qiyet returns from Mutravir in her duplicant body. The party debriefs with Delft, and is summarily pink-slipped due to a lack of funds. Delft promises to remain a powerful resource for the ex-constables, and advises them to head to Elfaivar, in search of Kasvarina Varal.
  • Autumn 91.
    The party defeats a handful of Ob researchers and reaches the hidden enclave of Sentosa, where they meet Kasvarina and are given the task of reclaiming the Arc of Reida.


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