Unseen Court

The folk of Risur know that the Dreaming exists, though they might call it the Feywild, the Green Land, the Unseen House, the World Beyond the Looking Glass, or the Happy Hunting Grounds. Most Risuri treat it like an unpredictable neighbor. While human kings rule in the material plane and there are clear cities, nations, hierarchies, and borders, the Dreaming follows rules mortals can only struggle to understand.

Once every few years the Unseen Court sends emissaries to collect the tribute that King Kelland promised the fey titans at Risur’s founding, typically made in the form of magic items, prize hounds and horses, or more exotic gifts. In one notable event, a cadre of archfey arrived on the summer solstice and demanded one thousand engraved silver moons before sunrise.

The ultimate desires or motives of the Unseen Court are unknown, but so far their requests have never been onerous. When they are not appeased, however, they retaliate by seizing infants from cribs, driving wild animals into cities, or calling forth impossible weather like flashdroughts and hailstorms of frozen toads.

Unseen Court Favors:
1: A tiny fey to deliver an item to a specific house without being seen. A dryad to hide someone on the run from the law. Get a mischievous group of fey to disrupt activity within the city in a harmless way – perhaps by causing a carriage to turn the wrong way down a street, or causing important documents to be temporarily misplaced. This could delay an individual or a small group of people for up to half an hour.
2: A pixie to kill a person’s pet and eat everything but its head. A nymph to lure someone off into the Cloudwood. Or, enlist the aid of an Allied Fey (minion) to help the party.
3: A hag to provide an illegal magic item (the PCs pay for the cost). A young treant to sneak into the city and observe a target. Sabotage an unguarded piece of technology. Or, four fey allies.
4: A vekeshi mystic to abduct and threaten a factory owner. Or, twelve fey allies.
5: A fey lord (though not one of the Unseen Court) to meet and provide information.
6: A member of the Great Hunt to chase down and kill a target in the wilderness. Summon forth a sudden burst of severe or even impossible weather – anything from a bad thunderstorm to a flash flood of goat’s milk; damage to property is minimal.

Unseen Court

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