Vekeshi Agenda

This page will contain details on the goals and members of the mystics. As a general rule, Kida ve Alema will be the first to know about these, and details will be visible to her player only, until she chooses to share details with her allies, or until the organization’s actions make the papers.

The Vekeshi mystics are a secret society, after all. Kida’s membership in the group is known to her employers, but not to the public at large. Most individuals keep their involvement secret.

In Chapter 5, Kida had an unexpected meeting with Asrabey Varal stop the plans of a rogue member of the Unseen Court.

In Chapter 3, Kida became unwillingly involved in a plot to kill Rock Rackus. A man claiming to be a “fellow hand of the goddess” asked her to do the deed for him, but she refused. Through divination, the constables discovered that he was a young man belonging to the wealthy Starke family.

After the constables apprehended Tyler Starke and prevented his assassination attempt, Kida was personally thanked by the same “stag” that the youth had been trying to impress.

Though not a true inductee of the mystics, the skyseer Chatwood is sworn to Kida’s cause, and will lend her Skyseer Vision ability when requested:

Skyseer Vision – Skyseer Utility
You find a clear view of the night sky, focus your mind on the future, and await a prophetic dream.
Daily – Primal
Prolonged Action
Prerequisite You can only use this power during an extended rest, and only if you can watch the night sky for an hour and then sleep.
Special Ask up to three questions about possible courses of action in the near future. At the end of your extended rest, you awaken from sleep having received a vision regarding your questions. This functions similarly to the hand of fate ritual, with you receiving vague images that provide guidance.

Hand of Fate (summary): The questions you ask must be in the form of multiple-choice scenarios about courses of action you can take (if you only give one alternative, it is assumed your other option is inaction). You CANNOT ask questions about facts, or the state of the world around you.

  • Invalid question: “Is Ricky the bugbear guilty of murder?”
  • Valid question: “Should I try to arrest Ricky the bugbear for the crime of murder?”

Keep in mind that the guidance you receive points you toward the option with the highest reward. So if you ask, “Which way should I go?” after sleeping at a crossroads, and one path leads to a ruin filled with monsters and treasure (high-risk, high-reward), while the other path leads to a safe town with a fancy inn (low-risk, low-reward), then your visions will lead you to the ruins.

Vekeshi Agenda

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