War Hero

While Risur’s military has a rigidly defined system of rank, occasionally individuals will distinguish themselves, rising above their superiors not in station, but in the sheer level of loyalty, respect, and admiration they command among their fellow soldiers. While rare, various Monarchs in the nation’s history have been known to encourage this sort of behavior, as acts of unwarranted heroism is the stuff that the country was founded upon. Generals and Lieutenants are often coaxed into treating these “war heroes” as peers, if not proper equals, and given time, their deeds are frequently recognized with rapid promotions.

Prerequisites Charisma 15+ and a position of respect in the Risuri military.


Squad Members (11th level): You attract four loyal soldiers, your “squad,” who generally support you with menial tasks like establishing perimeters or keeping watch at night, but they can also back you up in combat. See the stat block on the Allies page for details (you may wish to invest in nonmagic equipment for your squad, which may change the stats).

Squad Members don’t receive their own actions when accompanying you in battle; but you can expend actions to give them orders. When you take a move action, they all move for free. By spending a standard action, you can have one of them make an attack.

If you are incapable of taking actions (perhaps from becoming stunned or unconscious, but NOT becoming dominated or dazed), you may use your turn to control your squad instead. Generally, they cannot come up with more creative plans than “shoot that guy” or “retreat.”

Bolstering Leadership (11th level): As long as your Squad can see you (and for five minutes afterward), they each gain a bonus to attacks and defenses equal to your level, and a bonus to skill checks, ability checks, and damage equal to half your level. While receiving this bonus, they count as Minions of your level, rather than level 1 Minions.

Situational Action (11th level): When you spend an action point, each ally that can see or hear you may take one of the following free actions: stand up, drop prone, move 2 squares, or stow an item and draw a weapon or implement.

Escalating Conflict (Encounter) – War Hero Attack 11 Immediate Interrupt.
A great man once said, “If someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back.”
Trigger: An enemy hits you or an ally.
Effect: Use an at-will or encounter attack power. You gain a + 2 bonus to the attack roll if you target the triggering enemy; otherwise you may use it against any valid target.
Special: If the triggering attack was a critical hit, you may instead use a daily attack.

War Hero’s Boon (Daily) – War Hero Utility 12 Free Action.
You help yourself by helping others.
Martial – Personal
Trigger: You use a Warlord utility power that targets you or an ally.
Effect: The power targets both you and one ally, or you and all four of your Squad Members. All targets must still be within the power’s range.

Do You Want to Live Forever? (16th level): You have survived bullet hells where the crossfire should have killed anyone, and that story is so well-known and powerful that it protects you. When you have no physical cover or concealment, you gain the benefit of cover against non-melee attacks.

Shock and Awe (Daily) – War Hero Attack 20 Standard Action.
You and your squad strike as one, overwhelming your enemies with a show of force.
Effect: Use a level 1 at-will attack power. Then, each of your Squad Members can make a basic attack. Enemies hit by any of these attacks take a -2 penalty to attack rolls for one round.

War Hero

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