Chapter 2, Act 4

A fierce battle on holy ground.

Bruised and battered, the constables slept. While they were miffed at their failure to apprehend the suspects in the arson case, they took comfort in the knowledge that they’d prevented what almost certainly would’ve turned into a district-wide disaster. Renewed, they returned to HQ that morning only to hear that Darsys was still on sick leave. After bringing Delft up to speed, and announcing their intention to follow up a vital lead on Dr. Von Recklinghausen’s whereabouts, the Assistant Chief Inspector sent along a backup constable from Team 3, Josiah Bernewell.

Arriving in the Nettles, they found the place exactly as Lorcan Kell had promised them: completely devoid of bodyguards. Ever cautious, they crept into the cliffside church with weapons drawn, nearly scaring the poor doctor out of his skin before they took out their badges and promised that they were here to take him into protective custody. It took a lot to talk him down, but eventually he accepted that they weren’t here to silence him… though just as he lowered his sword, someone showed up to silence him.

Enna alerted the party to a strike force of five men entering the church, and the battle was quickly joined, with combatants from both sides crowding into the tiny chapel at the front of the church, creating a nightmarish melee in near-total darkness. The poor illumination didn’t seem to be a problem for the intruders, but it certainly proved troublesome for the party! Luckily they had enough sunrods between them to keep things in their favor. One among them was distinctly unnatural: an insubstantial humanoid seemingly made of gloom itself, able to hide invisibly within the shadows cast by his enemies. Wolfgang showed his worth by drawing his sword and going toe-to-toe with the monster, but everything the party threw at him seemed to only half-affect him. Eventually even that deteriorated his form enough to convince him to flee.

With the intruders unconscious and the shade driven off, the party looked toward the entrance, only to find it now blocked by thick metal bars driven into the stonework. Outside were a dozen men, led by a Crisillyiri gentleman sipping wine and idly nibbling on a plate of fine cheeses. He offered the constables their freedom, if only they’d turn over the Doctor to him first.

Immediately distrusting this stranger who’d sent armed men to kill them, the party sought a better option – using what tools they had to smash their way up through the chimney, and from there they hightailed it back to HQ. Enna threw her badge into the mud, muttering that she didn’t sign up for this shit, and walked off… never to be seen again.



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