The Incident

Horrible creatures terrorize fairgoers.

Assembling at the Fuel Prospectus tent, Talon Silverhawk took it upon himself to negotiate with the owner, Colleen. Setting himself up as a potential buyer, representing the interests of the RHC itself, he was able to determine with a reasonable amount of certainty that she had no idea of the dark origins of witchoil. After some smooth business-talking, she agreed to get into contact with her supplier to find more witchoil for Talon to buy, though she wouldn’t give up any names. Wisely, Ssgt. Templeton decided to have the place watched in order to catch any more clues.

While he was setting up something with the police, though, a series of screams echoed from the fairgrounds, followed by a wave of terrified people fleeing from Gun Alley. The other four constables hustled toward the disturbance, and were shocked to see four creatures that seemed to have come straight out of a feverish nightmare! Three of them looked like huge fleshy dragonflies as big as a man, with long elephant-like trunks that ended in sharp beaks. The fourth was nothing more than a ring of muscle, lined on the inside with teeth and covered in tentacles on its outside. All of them seemed to fade in and out of existence, from solid to glassy translucence.

In their midst stood a mage with a solid gold staff, flinging magic missiles at the horrible things to minor effect. Before the constables could reach him, he was on the ground, cut down by a series of rays fired by the flying things… they looked to be composed of an impossible combination of light and dark energies. When the constables showed up, they turned their attention toward Hugo Von Gearkinson; the party would later theorize they were drawn to individuals of high intelligence.

Meanwhile Kida cut her way to the back of the battlefield, engaging the maw on her own, just barely managing to keep ahead of its smashing, flailing, clutching tendrils. At some point during the battle though, even her nimble form was snatched up, and before she could get away she watched in horror as her very thoughts were drunk up through the monster’s limb, leaving her mind deeply unsettled.

The creatures were not easy to defeat, even with two individuals popping out of the scenery to help: Rock Rackus (seasoned adventurer and local celebrity) and a mysterious dwarf armed with a long-barreled carbine. Even after the mage was put back on his feet, the creatures provided a stern challenge, since they seemed just barely affected by normal attacks. Magic missiles from both the staff-wielding mage and Hugo seemed to strike them normally, as well as one of Kida’s primal attacks, but everything else passed through them partially. Thankfully, the constables soon noticed that the flying things did turn corporeal for brief periods after firing their ray attacks, and exploited this advantage to the fullest.

Despite being low on ranged options, Talon proved quite deadly, his axe finding the weak points of his enemies rather easily. Hugo picked up the Nock Gun at some point during the battle, managing to pelt one of the flying monsters with a devastating hail of lead.

Following the battle, the party urged Rock to take credit for the monsters’ defeat, so that they could stay on Chief Inspectress Saxby’s good side by staying out of the headlines of the Flint Tribune. He agreed, provided that they all attend his concert later in the week.

Soon enough, Sarah Lockheart (sergeant of the police presence at the fair) and RHC agents appeared, giving everything a brief looking over before deciding to confiscate every last scrap of unfamiliar magic in the vicinity, including the mage’s staff (now mysteriously having turned to wood) and Rock’s diamond-studded, golden pistol. Rock himself was placed under arrest after one of his golden bullets was found lodged in an innocent bystander, which the constables correctly recognized as a freak accident. They advised Delft to find a way to let him off easy—their boss sounded uncertain if it was possible, but he promised to do his best.

The mage with the golden staff was brought in for questioning. He identified himself as Simon Langfield, a student at local Pardwright University with some small skill in the arcane arts. After some well-placed pressuring, he fessed up to the truth: he bought the staff on the black market (more or less), having purchased it at a steep discount from a dark-haired human woman wearing a naval officer’s jacket, though the garment was unadorned with any of the pins or patches that would make it an official uniform. He gave them a clandestine way to contact her: visit the trinket stand at the fair, talk to the jeweler, and state, “I’m looking for an anniversary gift for my wife, Ethel.”

Additional. The constables wracked their brains for anything in their respective experiences and educations that might be relevant to these beings, but quite simply, none of them had ever heard of or seen anything like these “aberrations.” At the moment, all that is known is that they come from another world, very likely Apet, judging by the energy they give off. They don’t obey normal physical laws, and have impossible anatomies going by current biological understandings. They are solid while feeding, but otherwise the only attacks seen to be effective are force or psychic based.



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